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Westminster is a satisfying blend, presenting layers of flavor to delight the senses and develop in the bowl. I noticed that one of the reviewers here has (unbelievably), given this blend four stars without ever having popped the top of his tin and smoked it. But, Westminister provides a very nice balance between the two. To the best of my knowledge, he is singular in the attempt. of mine over the years; My Mixture 965, London Mixture, Nightcap, with several making the ? Home Stretch: As end of the bowl approaches, each component tries to re-assert dominance which seems destined to ultimately fail, not in a ? One has the impression that IF tobacco could taste as velvet feels this would be the velvet in a truly royal gown. (In my opinion.) In general, it takes time to get to know a new tobacco.

If a scrumptious Latakia flavor in a moderate presentation mixed with a nicotine hit rings your bell, this Pease will please. Dunhill is a much respected purveyor of Pipes and Tobacco products the world over. Supplemental Notes: Now sadly that Dunhill have moved on to ? like menswear (insert maniacal laughter here) Greg has taken up where they left off (years ago) and re-produced as closely as humanly possible a true Classic mixture. = FIVE (count them) HUGE stars This blend on opening is 3 days old in the tin. Determined, once I got lit, I rinsed with warm to hot peppermint tea. From Start to cruising speed I am growing encouraged. I find them of a singular dimension- Mouth drying, and basically disgusting. The kind of smoke I fantasize wanting on cold foggy days. It takes time to find the right pipe in your collection to bring out the best in a tobacco, and it takes time to learn the optimal smoking cadence for a new tobacco.

I was lucky on the first bowl; the little Stanwell adored this tobacco.

The charring light had the typical expected edge, and the Latakia was forward.

Burning characteristics were impeccably well-mannered; with nary a gurgle, the bowl proceeded without any fuss (or need for a re-light) for nearly an hour, steadily gaining in sweetness and flavor intensity right through to the last few grains of unburned tobacco and some silvery, dust-fine ash.

This was one of those "transcendental" bowls of tobacco that really sings, and I remarked at least a half-dozen times to my walking companion how wonderful this particular smoke was.

Tha consistancy was Dry, yet pliable with out breaking. Unfortunately one that I, coming in the Orlick days of London Mix am not. I allowed it to go out while I chased my boxer from the trash can. When Bills are left behind and its just you, a friend of Briar, and a sweet smoky libation that can carry you away from the hear and now, and into the halcyon dreams of spiritual peace. I am at mid bowl now, and the taste and flavor has remained solid. a wonderful mixture of latakia, Orientals, and a balanced sweetness of red virginias. There is no transition of flavors, but one continuous flavor which is extraordinary. I bought several tins of Westminster when it was first released. I put them away for "a while" to smooth out the blend, and then proceeded to be distracted. First impressions: Opening the can released a whoosh of air; the tin was over three years old with a slight bulge in the bottom, so that's no surprise. Good so far, there seem to be no faults in proportions of the individual components thus far, everything seems where it should be, with a complexity and ? The peaty quality noted in the tin aroma is very much there, though a subtle statement. This mixture (thankfully) has seeming little/none of the Cavendish confusion of My Mixture 965 or other ? Dunhill mixtures, just a very cool and dry smoking one associates with a truly great English mixture of rather full body. The volume of smoke from each puff is phenomenal, and the palate is intense and broad indeed. I guess nicotine has kicked in cause I am laughing hysterically......= Last 1/3rd of the bowl. To think of what this will mature to causes me to lay in a really ridiculous amount of it. This is very appealing to the eye of one looking for a ? There is a deeply peaty quality which seemed absent from later samples of ? Upon lighting, I greeted with a blast of Latakia/Turkish smokiness with leathery/musty undertones, with the mild sweetness of Virginias just under the surface. Mid Bowl: Approaching mid-bowl, the complexity and intensity as building nicely, the Virginias are a little more pronounced and assertive, while the Latakia and Turkish have settled into a nice middle palate place. on the throat and dominates the soft palate areas of the mouth. Westminster will undoubtedly be spoken of one day as the very best medium English blend there is. Having read Greg's public notes about blending this mixture I know he spend hours pouring over various productions of Dunhill London Mixture learning what he could of the composition of this classic. Tin aroma: Exactly what one would expect upon cracking open a tin of English tobacco, a nice blast of smoky Latakia, followed by the raisin/fig sweetness of Virginias and a musty leathery Turkish undertone. The mouth-watering scents of an adult pleasure with anticipation of roughly an hour? This mixture seems a bit moist to me upon cracking a fresh tin, I generally let a ? air for about 15-30 minutes prior to packing and smoking. And after this variety, and after the first tin, everything that I loved about it at first stands. I can detect at least 6, and perhaps 8 different hues of leaf. I have pre-smoked 4 non-reviewed bowls of Westminster with this pipe to assure what I'm tasting is actually Westminster. Cat has decided something I'm smoking is fascinating..... I've smoked it in Rhodesians, billiards, a large apple, bowls large and smaller.

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There's a "deep" sun-dried-fruit sweetness and intensity to Latakia that only emerges when it's blended exactly right -- too little and it doesn't quite bloom; too much and it's bitter and harsh. In decades past, British pipe smokers would talk about the "Plumb Pudding" taste of a fine Latakia Mixture (much to the confusion of us Yanks who had never tasted such an odd Christmas critter) and Westminster exhibits that characteristic beautifully. 17 bowls later, I had experienced an incredibly wide variety of flavors, ranging from woody notes, to deep Latakia, to bright and sweet Virginia, to Oriental spiciness, classic English to dry nutty and toasted flavors.

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